Export of bran from Ukraine to the EU from Upi Agro


Ukraine has long been famous for its fruitful fields and lands. This is a country that has managed to establish itself well in the export market. Thus, bran is exported to the EU on a regular basis. It occupies a leading position in the supply of bran to European countries. What are the features of bran export to the EU can be noted, we will learn further from the article.

Bran production and supplies to European countries

Today, such a direction as the export of bran from Ukrainian countries to Europe is at the peak of popularity. These products are distinguished by high quality, nutritional value and the possibility of versatile use. Such products are popular in the European market.
What is the reason for the wide demand for bran in European countries:
• High quality products, since they are grown in ecologically clean Ukrainian regions.
• High nutritional value due to the presence of minerals, vitamins, proteins and other useful components.
• Ability to completely eliminate product shortages.
• Extensive experience in growing crops.

Benefits from bulk purchases of bran

Many customers prefer Upi Agro because they value quality. In addition, they can count on prompt delivery times, the opportunity to save on logistics and receive a competitive price. All transactions are flexible and have the most transparent conditions.
Many European companies prefer to buy bran from reliable Ukrainian suppliers. Upi Agro is such a company. It ensures stability of supplies and also ensures profitable deliveries to each client. An individual approach is offered to each client.
To familiarize yourself with the terms of delivery, you can go to the company’s website. The products are supplied in big bags via various transport routes. Before delivery, you can select the load capacity of the dump truck and load it onto pallets. And then you can transport it to the desired region.


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